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Watch Me Grow!

Your sweet newborn will change so much over the next year. Enrolling in a Watch Me Grow plan will ensure that you capture all those milestones! Pick from 3 different plans to fit your needs. Each plan includes Session fee and 20% off your order total. At the end of your plan you will receive an 11x14 composite of an image from each session!

Ultimate - 12 session plan (recommended for once every month) $350.00

Milestone - 5 session plan (recommended for newborn, 3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo and 1yr) $150.00

Saver - 3 session plan (recommended for newborn, 6 mo and 1 yr) $100.00

Watch Me Grow plans do not include special events or family sessions or any additional coupons.

You may also just purchase single session with a $50 session fee per session.

Those sweet snuggly babies are some of my favorite to photograph! One thing I have learned is that babies work on their own time and just when you think you have them figured out, they throw you a curve ball. Here are a few ways to prepare for your session and a few tips to put your mind at ease:

Newborns sessions need to be scheduled before they are 14 days of age if at all possible. At this age they are still very sleepy and when they are sleepy they are much easier to pose into those cute cuddled up positions. Try your hardest to keep your baby awake for about two hours before their session. Some of the best ways to achieve that are to give them a bath, or a washcloth bath. If they get mad about it, allow them to cry a bit so they wear themselves out. This may be hard to do but I promise it also helps their lungs develop and won't hurt them a bit! Feed them right before you leave. We may have to stop mid session to feed again, but at least they will get a good start. Lastly, I keep the studio at 82 degrees when I do newborns so make sure to dress yourself accordingly so you are comfortable. The session takes apx an hr to an hr and a half. You can rest assured that your sweet little one is in good hands. I have three children of my own and will take the utmost care when posing and maneuvering your baby. So sit back, relax and enjoy this time. Catch up on those texts you have been too busy to respond to or enjoy scrolling facebook, if I need you I will let you know:)