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  1. Is the session fee per person?

    Nope! Why get punished for having a lot of beautiful children? :) You will pay one set session fee per session.

  2. When do I pay for my Pictures?

    You pay your total once you place your order. You do however have 3 months to order more if needed.

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  1. We are doing an outdoor session, what should we wear?

    In general I recommend keeping clothing simple for outdoor sessions. Matching is not always the best thing, think coordinating on your patterns and colors. In the summer, light clothing looks best. In winter, darker clothing with layers looks best.

  2. What should I wear for Maternity Pictures?

    I recommend wearing solid colors. My favorite are doing either solid black or solid white. If you would like to show your beautiful belly wear a button down shirt or a shirt that can be rolled up without looking frumpy. I also recommend if you are showing your belly to not wear the cotton paneled jeans, or tight fitting elastic waists. Another popular option is sundresses.

  3. How many times can we change clothes?

    For children it really depends. Bring a few and we will go with what the child is up for. I always say put them in your favorite outfit first and then we will change as much as they hold out for. For seniors you can change up to 4 times. For family shoots I wouldn't recommend changing more than once.

  4. Should we all wear the same color clothing?

    You can, but it doesn't always make the best picture. While it can be cute, I recommend that you wear clothing that coordinates together, not neccessarily all in the same colors. And as a general rule, make sure that you don't have just one person wearing red or a bright colored outfit because they will stick out like a sore thumb:) Remember though, there are exceptions to every rule!

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  1. How long does it take pictures to come in?

    Your portraits will return in about 2 weeks.

  2. Can you mail my pictures?

    Yes. There is a $10.00 mailing fee for up to size 8x10. Additional fees apply for larger portraits.

  3. Do you offer digital images with copyright release?

    Yes I do! Currently you can purchase the whole session with copyright for $230. If you would like you can also just purchase the digital images by the pose for $25 a pose.

  4. Can you do anything about my blemishes, scratches, bumps etc?

    With every session I do light retouching included in the price. Any major noticable blemishes or bruises I will edit out unless requested not to. If you would like heavy editing past what I have fixed there is a $10 fee per pose.

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